Sunday November 2: Yves Charuest and Ellwood Epps Present La Passe


Ontario-Québec tour in support of ”La Passe”, their debut recording on Small Scale Music.

Yves Charuest and Ellwood Epps represent an ongoing story of improvised music in Montréal. Ellwood arrived in Montréal in 2005 and promptly set to work becoming one of the city’s busiest creative musicians, concert presenters, and teachers. Yves was heavily involved in the scene during the 80’s and 90’s, and was one of the few players to branch out onto the world stage. During the period of Epps’ arrival and leading up to about 2011, Charuest was on a long sabatical, and so when they met in Nicolas Caloia’s Ratchet Orchestra, they were both new to each other, despite both having paid their dues for many years on the Montreal and international scenes.

Finding a common ground in energy and spirit, and with a great respect for the history of creative music in America, Canada, and Montréal, Yves and Ellwood decided to explore the possibilities of working together as a duet. They gave performances at several of Montréal’s fertile loft venues over a couple years, while continuing their work together in the Ratchet Orchestra, Epss’ group Rosasharn’s Dream, and other formations.

As a duet, the chemisty is immediate enough that prearranged material didn’t seem to be necessary. Rather, the two musicians find material in the immediate surroundings (place, time, people, energy), and arrange, develop, and transform it as any composer works with their own musical materials. In the summer of 2014 they felt ready to document their work together, and responded eagerly to the offer of bassist Raphael Foisy-Couture’s offer to record and release their music on his new Small Scale Music label.

Yves’ and Ellwood’s differences (in age, mother tongue, so-called ‘generation’…) are easily overcome in their willingness to participate immediately in the musical moment, to rejoice in belonging to the continuum of a musical becoming. Their first tour is sure to be full of exciting times, transformative adventures, and soulful music.

Sunday, November 16: IMOO #110 – Craig Pedersen and friends

Craig Pedersen

  • Craig Pedersen – trumpet
  • many special guests!

As many of you know, IMOO co-founder Craig Pedersen took a bit of a step back this fall from organizing IMOO events, focussing on IMOOfest 2014 as his last main task.  Well, IMOOfest has come and gone, and he’s ready to retire from his duties, and focus on life in his new home of Montreal.  Let’s take this chance to celebrate a good friend, a great player, and a wonderful coordinator.  We’ll miss him!

Rest assured – we’ll make sure we get to see and hear plenty of Craig in the future.

Sunday September 14: IMOO #106 [Return to 'moo Mountain]

Join us Sunday September 14th as we launch our Fall series of concerts in our new home Raw Sugar Cafe! (692 Somerset St W) We are so excited for our new digs and invite you to join us for improvised music, tasty local tap beers, chili, and snacks.

The cast of players will include Ian Birse, Laura Kavanaugh, Mark Molnar, Rory Magill, Linsey Wellman, David Jackson and others TBA.

Concert starts at 7PM

10 dollar suggested donation or PWYC. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Sunday Sept 21: IMOO #107 – The Muted Note

  • Susanna Hood – voice, dance
  • Scott Thomson – trombone, composition

NEW LOCATION: Raw Sugar Café (692 Somerset St W)
TIME: 7pm-9pm
COST: $10/$5/PWYC

=The Muted Note
is a suite of songs composed by Scott Thomson, settings of poems by P.K. Page, for Susanna Hood’s singing voice. As a duo, Susanna, in addition to singing the lyrics, improvises on the songs both vocally and in dance, a synthesis for which she is singularly acclaimed in Canada. Scott, on trombone, both underpins Susanna and solos on the songs in a wide-ranging style that reflects his broad experience as an improviser. Throughout, P.K. Page’s stellar poems are at the core of the work and, in both dance and music, Scott and Susanna seek to animate and activate the verse as they play. Their extensive Canadian tour this autumn will help to promote their new duo disc on &records.

Susanna Hood is a compelling and virtuosic performer in dance and music. She began her career with Toronto Dance Theatre, 1991-95. Independently, she has performed the works of various Toronto choreographers; created singing/dancing roles with Autumn Leaf Productions; acted on film for filmmaker Philip Barker; created music for the dance works of Louis Laberge Coté, Rebecca Todd, and Eryn Dace Trudell; collaborated extensively with composers John Oswald and Nilan Perera; and performed widely as an improviser in dance and music. Her collaborative projects as well as her own choreography and music compositions have been presented throughout Toronto, nationally, and internationally on stage and film since 1991. She has won the K.M. Hunter Emerging Artist Award and the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.


Scott Thomson is a trombonist and composer who lives in Montréal, having moved from Toronto in 2010. He plays in established groups in many styles, and prizes ad hoc improvising as a way to meet many creative people. He has studied with Roswell Rudd, Jean Derome, Eddie Prévost, and John Oswald. Scott is one of the founders of the Association of Improvising Musicians in Toronto (AIMToronto), and co-directs the AIMToronto Orchestra, which was formed for a project with Anthony Braxton in September 2007. While in Toronto, Scott was the artistic director of Somewhere There, a venue for live creative music that he founded in 2007. Scott has composed a series of site-specific pieces that he calls ‘cartographic compositions’ for mobile musicians and audiences in unconventional performance contexts, including works for the galleries and corridors of the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Susanna and Scott’s principal project, currently, is a multi-faceted collaboration to perform Scott’s suite of songs based on poetry by P.K. Page, one of Canada’s most celebrated literary figures. For this project, The Muted Note, Scott and Susanna perform the suite as a duo; with Scott’s quintet, The Disguises (with Nicolas Caloia, Yves Charuest, and Pierre Tanguay); and as a full stage work featuring Susanna’s choreography on three other dancers (Ellen Furey, Alanna Kraaijeveld, and Bernard Martin) with live music by The Disguises.

IMOOfest 2014

IMOOFEST 2014, featuring Jean Derome, Joane Hétu, Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot, and the Craig Pedersen Quartet and more! PLUS a special ONMC / IMOO co-presentation at City Hall featuring Jesse Stewart

The Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais (IMOO) are extremely excited to announce our third improvised music festival, IMOOFEST 2014

Taking place on October 3rd and 4th at Ottawa’s Club Saw, IMOOFEST 2014 will showcase six acts over two days.  The festival will feature iconic Canadian improvisors Jean Derome, Joane Hétu, Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot, the Craig Pedersen Quartet, Mark Molnar, David Broscoe and the IMOO Chamber Orchestra.

This years festival will also feature a FREE Ottawa New Music Creators / IMOO co-presentation at City Hall featuring Jesse Stewart.

More information at

Summer Vacation

IMOOhiatus: Hello! IMOO will be on vacation until the fall as we tour, write, perform, and do the things that we do. Please check this space though and as we will continue to promote and draw your attention to shows and events that may be of interest to you.

If you are interested in playing shows in the fall or winter, please get in touch!

Coming up though!

We will a community partner for this year’s SOUND/TRACKS on August 1st at St. Albans Church.

Sound/Tracks is a live multi-media spectacle where musicians and media artists join forces to create and perform a series of innovative audiovisual collaborations. Going beyond the confines of conventional music videos and short films, each of the four creative teams featured Sound/Tracks attempt to expand the limits of what live music with video can be, and redefine the very idea of the film soundtrack. Join us at St. Albans on August 1st for this unforgettable event.

Friday, August 1st 2014, Doors: 8pm, Performances: 8:30pm
St. Albans Church, 454 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa
Admission $5

Participating musicians and artists:

Melody McKiver + Phil Osborne
Adam Saikaley + Matthieu Hallé
Her Harbour + Tyler Reekie
Instant Places + Pixie Cram

Community partners:

Ceremony / E-Tron Rec. / Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais


Sound/Tracks est un spectacle multimédia dans lequel des musiciens et des artistes médiatiques joignent leurs talents pour créer et exécuter des œuvres audiovisuelles collaboratives et innovantes. Au-delà du vidéoclip ou du court film musical traditionnels, chacun des quatre tandems de création participant à Sound/Tracks essaie de repousser les limites de la performance musicale accompagnant une projection vidéo, ou de redéfinir l’idée même de « musique de film ». Joignez-vous à nous le 1er août prochain pour assister à cet événement inoubliable, qui aura lieu à St-Albans.

Le vendredi 1 août 2014, Portes ouvertes : 20 h, Spectacles : 20 h 30
Église St-Albans, 454, rue King Edward, Ottawa
Prix : 5 $

Musiciens et artistes participants :

Melody McKiver + Phil Osborne
Adam Saikaley + Matthieu Hallé
Her Harbour + Tyler Reekie
Instant Places + Pixie Cram

De plus amples détails sur chacun de ces projets collaboratifs seront diffusés au cours des prochaines semaines.

Partenaires communautaires :

Ceremony / E-Tron Rec. / Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais

IMOO #105 David Jensenius & Molnar/Pedersen July 6, 2014



David Jensenius is a composer who utilizes collage, phonography, and electronics to create sonically challenging listening experiences. David is a member of SPURSE, a research and design collaborative that catalyzes critical issues into collective action, and a founder of the improvisational group Polish Club. Through a playful transformation of conceptual and material systems, David develops problems worth having, engaging across scales and complexities both human and nonhuman.

Mark Molnar has played strings and electronics with Generator and Kingdom Shore ( “a kind of ‘Being John Malkovich’ exercise put onto disc” Ottawa Citizen). He has played erhu and rebab in Gamelan Semara Winangun, and has composed and recorded music for numerous theatre and film productions.

Craig Pedersen is a trumpet player, composer and educator living in Montréal Quebec.  He writes a lot of music, records it and sometimes plays it live. His main band is the Craig Pedersen Quartet.  He writes a lot of music for the band, they record it, and sometimes they play it live.

IMOO #104 Riverrun June 22, 2014


We’re really excited about this show – Riverrun passed through town last year, and blew everyone away!  We’re looking forward to a repeat performance!  They will also be releasing a new recording.  Hope you can make it – this one is not to be missed.

Tom Richards – keyboard
Peter Lutek – clarinet
Scott Peterson – bass, vocals
Jake Oelrichs – drums, xylophone

Riverrun is a quartet made up of some of Toronto’s strongest musical personalities. Their sound has been described as Electro-chamber-jazz and Minimalist-avant-garde-pop. Cinematic, delving and disciplined, Riverrun cuts across stylistic boundaries and goes deep into the moment.


We’re very excited to announce IMOO 100, on May 4th, 2014 at Umi Café (610 Somerset St W)

Please join us for a super special fundraising concert featuring some of our most stalwart supporters. Music starts at 7:15 SHARP! $10 / PWYC / More is always welcome.

There might even be cake!  Maybe!

Concert program:

Duo (in which the IMOO kingpin and the benevolent leader speak of things to come, and maybe even play a little!):

Linsey Wellman,
Craig Pedersen

Accordion Conspiracy + 1:

Bernard Stepien, saxophone, accordion
David Broscoe, reeds
Scott Warren, drums,


Linsey Wellman, alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Rory Magill, drums
Jennifer Giles, piano



David Jackson, guitar
Ian Birse, electronics
Laura Kavanaugh, electronics


Craig Pedersen, trumpet
Mark Molnar, cello

And Everyone Together!