Sunday February 5th – IMOO #153: Jeff Morton ʍiniʍal ɯandering ʍusic

Jeff Morton presents a very quiet sound and duration performance with an old field drum, tiny speakers, cassette players, and other musical objects.

This is a deep listening activity, and we will have to sit close together to hear everything. So bring a pillow if you like, and take care to be comfortable. It’s totally fine if your mind wanders.

“…concern for the vicissitudes of temporality and comprehension; of being and becoming; movement and stasis; of the appearance and evanescence of the unique sounding event.” – Nicholas Melia and James Saunders, Introduction: What is wandelweiser?, Contemporary Music Review 30 (2011), no. 6, 445–448.

Jeff will be joined after some duration  by David Jackson on small electronics, pedals, and hushed tones.

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