November 8 – IMOO #165: Chik White

***NOTE: This is a Wednesday show, and will take place from 8-10pm***

Darcy Spidle – jaw harp, vocalisations, electronics

a word from the artist:
chik white music took a minimalist turn when I moved to West Chezzetcook, on the rural coast of Nova Scotia, in 2009. Around then I acquired a collection of handmade jaw harps and began a regular ritual of improvising on the instruments in natural settings, a ritual that continues on a weekly basis. Over time, my harp project morphed into experimental territory and has come to incorporate preparations, techniques, and performative elements that tease uncomfortable vocalizations from my mouth, throat, and lungs.

My latest sound work involves processing locally-sourced field records into sound sculptures  and merging them with live vocal and harp improvisations mic’d at my windpipe. On occasion I also build instruments out of ocean refuse, as can be heard in my work from White Rabbit’s 2016 Artist Residency in Economy, Nova Scotia.

chik white