February 25 – IMOO #171: Eschaton

Connor Bennett – saxophones, electronics
Aaron Hutchinson – trumpet, electronics, percussion

Eschaton is an improvised noise duet comprising Aaron Hutchinson and Connor Bennett. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, their music is driven by spontaneity and a passion for improvisation. Thick textural noise contrasted with vulnerable horn expressions, Eschaton creates narrative soundscapes that breathe, bend, and distort. They have released cassettes and lathes on Phinery, HAVNrecords, PERDU, and Arachnidiscs and played throughout southern Ontario and Montreal.


(Saturday) March 3 – IMOO #172: Two Hours Early, Ten Minutes Late/Mars People

***Note – special time and location: 9pm at Black Squirrel Books (1073 Bank)***

Two Hours Early, Ten Minutes Late
Jason Robinson – saxophone
Eric Hofbauer – guitar

Mars People
Emily Denison – trumpet
Daniel Kruger – guitar
Joe Sorbara – drums

March 2018 will see a vanload of adventurous musicians from both sides of the 49th parallel travel from Montréal through Southern Ontario in celebration of the late guitarist Ken Aldcroft, a long time leading figure in Canada’s creative music community.

A celebrated international figure in American jazz and experimental music (“rugged and scintillating,” New York Times), Jason Robinson has teamed with acclaimed guitarist Eric Hofbauer (“a significant force in Boston’s improvised-music scene,” Stereophile) to perform and record a collection of sophisticated and virtuosic original music for guitar and tenor saxophone that Aldcroft and Robinson worked closely to develop through numerous performances over seven years throughout Canada and the U.S. “Two Hours Early, Ten Minutes Late,” a title drawn from an Aldcroft composition, is a celebration of Aldcroft’s music for saxophone and guitar and a culmination of the project the two began together.

Riding shotgun is Canadian trio, Mars People—which also draws its name from an Aldcroft composition. Trumpeter Emily Denison, acoustic guitarist Daniel Kruger, and drummer Joe Sorbara—all long-time Aldcroft friends and collaborators—will perform “Music By & For Ken Aldcroft” as an extension of an ongoing series in celebration of Ken’s life and music that takes place monthly at The TRANZAC, the de facto home for Toronto’s creative music scene for many years.

Of course, once five creative souls begin talking about spending time together, those souls can hardly resist imagining the possibilities inherent in making music as a quintet. We all look forward to hearing where that journey will take us as well.

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(Thursday) March 8 – IMOO # 172: Yes Deer

***Note – special day: this is a Thursday concert***

karl bjorå – guitar
anders vestergaard – drums
signe dahlgreen – saxophone

Yes Deer is thunderous and hyper expressive free jazz. It’s the sound of cells in ecstasy, and collective physical momentum, that aims for the libido before the intellect and takes hold like a fierce pitbull terrier.

The trio has arrived at a way of making music that, derived from improvisation, now is more of a collective physical ritual and a ceremony of chaos. And their latest album, Get your glitter jacket, is an attempted condensation of the bands current output.

Since 2011 the multi-Scandinavian band has been touring in most parts of Europe at both clubs, squats and festivals, and in 2014 they released their debut album “The Talk Of Tennis” through Gaffer records. For their latest album, “Get Your Glitter Jacket” Gaffer Records has joined forces with the Copenhagen based label Insula Music and the French label BeCoq records.


February 11 – IMOO #170: Isaac Valentin/Expresso SVP (8pm)


8pm – Expresso SVP
Philippe Charbonneau – Bass / Basse
Patrick Sénécal – Drums / Drums
Olivier Fairfield – Nobody knows / Aucune idée

No description, just music / Pas de description, juste de la musique.

9pm – Isaac Valentin –
Isaac Valentin – prepared guitar
This show is co-presented by E-tron Records

January 14 – IMOO #169: Rakestar Arkestra

If you like your Ra raw then this is for you. Rakestar Arkestra plays an evening of spontaneous invention, dipping inevitably into the vast catalogue of Sun Ra’s cosmolodic creations, but departing just as quickly for points unknown. Our man Broscoe will be stateside next week so he’s the poster boy in absentia.

Rakestar Arkestra is:
Rory Magill – perhaps keyboard, perhaps xylophone, perhaps drum, perhaps trombone
Scott Warren – spirits, percussion
Don Cummings – moog
Mike Essoudry – drums
John Sobol – saxophone
Rob Frayne – saxophone
David Broscoe – saxophone
Linsey Wellman – saxophone

December 17 – IMOO #168: A Very Ayler Christmas!

Once again – it’s everyone’s favourite time of year!

The songs of Albert Ayler and the songs of yuletide have been kept separate all year, but no longer: it’s time for a fiery reintroduction!  The indomitable Bernard Stepien leads his orchestra through the woods to grandmother’s house.

The Bernard Stepien Orchestra is:
Bernard Stepien – saxophone, accordion
Scott Warren – drums, sounds
Michel Delage – drums
Mark Molnar – cello
Rory Magill – trombone
David Broscoe – woodwinds
David Jackson – guitar, electronics
Linsey Wellman – woodwinds
(and perhaps more…)

November 19 – IMOO #166: David Parker / Linsey Wellman

David Parker – upright bass, electronics
Linsey Wellman (opening set) – baritone saxophone

David Parker is a musician, composer, digital media artist, sound designer, and performer. David performs as singer/songwriter Slow Man Tofu, and as an improvising multi-instrumentalist, using the upright bass, electronics, guitar, and voice. For four years he played upright bass and electronics as part of the improvised/drone duo Fire Moss. The band released three albums, performed at the Tone Deaf Festival, the In The Soil Arts Festival, and was featured on the compilation The Artel Sessions (Otoacoustic). He has collaborated with Stefan Christoff and released an EP of duets with the Howl! Arts Collective. David’s digital media artwork uses micro-controllers and audio processing in a collaborative duo with circus aerialist and movement artist Jane Kirby of Lowlit Aerial Arts. Kirby and Parker have performed at the Skeleton Park Arts Festival in Kingston (2015), the In The Soil Festival in St. Catharines (2015), and the Contemporary Circus Arts Festival Toronto (2014). They were Media Artists In Residence at Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre in Kingston, ON (2015).

Linsey Wellman just got a baritone saxophone – come and hear what he does with it.

November 28 – IMOO #167: Studio Dan – Homo Faber

***NOTE: this is a Tuesday Performance, and will take place from 8-10pm***

Sophia Goidinger-Koch – violin
Maiken Beer – cello
Manuel Mayr – bass
Daniel Riegler – trombone

On its first appearance in Canada and the U.S., the Austrian ensemble STUDIO DAN will bring contemporary music to North America. Straddling the worlds of classical music and jazz, between art music and experimental improvisation, this dynamic ensemble will perform premieres of commissioned and existing works.

STUDIO DAN’s program HOMO FABER is a collaborative work developed by Daniel Riegler together with visual artists Krüger & Pardeller. Rounding out the evening will be music for two harmonicas and ensemble by Christian F. Schiller. This tour will mark the official release of a new recording of HOMO FABER by STUDIO DAN.

Studio Dan was founded by Daniel Riegler in 2005 for the JazzWerkstatt Wien’s first festival. Refferring to Frank Zappa´s album Studio Tan (1979), the ensemble started as a zappaesque big band, but has since morphed to perform in various permutations, depending on the project. The group operates on the borders between diverse subgenres of contemporary music: improvisation, new music, jazz, and (art) rock, to name only a few. Studio Dan is the only Austrian large ensemble belonging neither to the jazz big band mainstream nor to the strictly interpretive contemporary chamber music culture. Instead, the ensemble organically combines composition and improvisation, exploring beyond the bounds of simplistic categories.


November 8 – IMOO #165: Chik White

***NOTE: This is a Wednesday show, and will take place from 8-10pm***

Darcy Spidle – jaw harp, vocalisations

with an opening set by:
David Broscoe – reeds, electronics
David Jackson – guitar, electronics

a word from the artist:
chik white music took a minimalist turn when I moved to West Chezzetcook, on the rural coast of Nova Scotia, in 2009. Around then I acquired a collection of handmade jaw harps and began a regular ritual of improvising on the instruments in natural settings, a ritual that continues on a weekly basis. Over time, my harp project morphed into experimental territory and has come to incorporate preparations, techniques, and performative elements that tease uncomfortable vocalizations from my mouth, throat, and lungs.

“A thoroughly unique and brilliant experiment with the instrument that proves less is more.” The Quietus

“This is not improvisation so much as possession, the distressed calls of ancestor spirits surging up from Spidle’s diaphragm in uncontrollable flux, his increasingly frenetic jaw harp strikes a hapless attempt to hold them at bay.” We Need No Swords

“Some passages are so glumpsy they’re hilarious, others have a darkly industrial vibe, and the bulk is righteously freaked. A fine thing.” The Wire